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  • Triumph BONNEVILLE 865, 11977 m, 2013 (63), Manual, Black
    Motorcycle Giant - 131-132 Railway Arches, Macfarlane Road, London W12 7LA
    (020) 8743 1415

    The Triumph America is much longer and lower than the regular Bonneville. It’s surprisingly nimble around town and competent to quite rapid speeds on back roads – certainly capable of outpacing its rivals. Swing your leg over the low, wide seat and slip into the riding position and you know straight away that you are on a cruiser. You feel like you are sitting in the bike, and with your arms spread wide and feet thrust forward the ergonomics are both comfortable and useable.
    The steel chassis, which bears no resemblance to that on the Bonnie launched in 2000, does its job well. Again cruisers are not designed to go round corners athletically – but for a cruiser it handles well.
    Build quality is well above average. Triumph understands the British winter and road salt better than most manufacturers so the Triumph America is quite durable. It still won’t run through winter untreated and clean up like new come spring – but no motorcycle will.

Showing all 1 result